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              Welcome to Foshan Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
              Foshan Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Foshan Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Logo

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              FOSHAN ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD. was established in March 1970. The company develops, manufactures, and operates the high-quality products by long-term adhering to the basis of analytical instrument technology and applying the continuously improvement of modern science and technology. The company has been insisting on its operation principle of "To seek perfect and excellent quality and to offer the best service” and does its best to provide the community with first-class products and first-class service.

              The company is a National High-tech Enterprise, a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a National Environmental Protection Industry Backbone Enterprise; a member unit of the National Standards Committee, a governing unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, an executive director unit of China Auto Maintenance Trade Association and China Auto Maintenance And Repair Equipment Trade Association, a member of China Metrology Association and National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee, a vice president unit of the Environmental Protection Industry Association of Guangdong Province; a License Measuring Products Manufacturer, a License Medical Ⅲ (National grade) Products Manufacturer, and a Software Products Manufacturer. The ISO9001 Quality Management System was introduced to the company, which passed the Authentication of 3A Measuring Management System as of 2007.


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